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Im Tsaqif Baihaqi

About Personal:

i am a self-taught illustrator

based in Depok Jawa Barat, Indonesia.

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Tsaqif's journey as a fine artist began in childhood with his passion for painting and drawing, he also really liked watching movies and playing games, had a break when he entered the world of work and returned when he got a job in the printing sector, while there he was interested in vector as well as digital painting, from the people who print there and starting his career as an illustrator in 2016, he found his niche in the illustration of movie posters and gig posters because of his love about movies and music

Tsaqif prides himself on being an illustration chameleon, working in many styles but with an emphasis in vector illustration and digital painting

What is rising67

rising67 studio is a full-service graphic design and illustration studio catering primarily to the entertainment industry. In addition, we also serve a wide range of independent and corporate clients. Our services include:

• Movie Poster Illustration

• Gig Poster Illustration
• Custom Illustration
• Packaging Design
• Apparel Design



Pricing design services is like giving the price of a car. It all depends on the details. What kind of car do you want? Will you be leasing or owning? How many test drives would you like before you commit? Just email us with as much information you can provide about your upcoming project and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

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